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It’s Not JUST About Fixing Kenmore Refrigerators in Barnegat NJ. It’s About… Turtles!

True story!

Refrigerator Repair in Barnegat NJ sidetracked by saving turtleA woman called our office to say that she would use our service and recommend us to everyone she knows, not because she used our services and was happy. Nope. It was because while our Service Tech Ray was going to repair a Kenmore Refrigerator in Barnegat NJ, he stopped in the middle of the road and got out of his truck to help a turtle cross the road, she was so moved by this, she called to say, “with caring people working at Apex Appliance like this, I would gladly recommend Apex to everyone.”

Fixing Kenmore Refrigerators in Barnegat NJ is not the only thing we do. We help…. turtles, too 🙂

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