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Life’s Good, until your LG appliance needs repair. LG over the years have been selling more and more household appliances and are quickly becoming a leader in technology in the appliance industry. Their appliances are high end and have the latest technology present today built in them. They do tend to be more challenging and sometimes difficult to obtain parts for but we are on the ball when it comes to the challenges such as these. We deal with the largest parts distributors on the East Coast and have the knowledge to overcome even the most difficult challenges.

LG refrigerator repairs are some of the most advanced stuff we do. LG refrigerators are packed with all of the goodies we enjoy to own, built in ice makers, French doors and split systems for the frig side and freezer side to ensure perfect temperatures for each. We see common repairs like water that leaks onto the floor, most times it is a clogged drain or the frig side is not cold enough, usually means someone left the doors open a little. Most times it is the simple stuff you tend to over look on repairing a LG refrigerator.

When your LG Clothes dryer stops heating or stops spinning, no problem, a simple igniter or belt will fix the issue. We carry a full line of parts for these simple repairs.

Your LG Washer not spinning or leaking water or your electronic panel maybe giving you a fault code (F35) or (LD) on you display. We have been servicing LG washing machines for over 5 yrs and we are truly the experts on this, most times it is as simple as a sock stuck in the pump, the machine will not spin with water stuck in the tub.

Our appliance repair service area covers cities and zip codes in Monmouth CountyEssex CountyMercer CountyOcean CountySomerset CountyUnion County, and Middlesex County, or see our complete service coverage area listings.

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