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We know how tough the economy is these days. That’s why Apex Appliance Repair is offering Specials and Discounts in Central New Jersey to help you repair your appliances at a reasonable cost. Check these discount coupons below. Simply ‘click and print’ and use today! (NOTE: Unless otherwise stated, coupons can not be combined with other offers.)

FREE Estimates on Appliance Repair New Jersey Appliance Repair Specials $25 Off Any Repair New Jersey FREE Dryer Inspection - Apex Appliance Repair New Jersey

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NJ Dryer Vent Cleaning Specials 2017

Cleaning of the inside of the dryer is available for an extra charge

– Full dryer vent cleaning 
– Written Certification included

Full Inspection includes:

  • Location of the exterior vent hood
  • Length of duct
  • Type of duct used
  • Condition and type of transition duct used
  • How many elbows or turns
  • Clearances to combustibles
  • Lint filter housing condition
  • Air flow rate

Air Pressure cleaning process used, a non-evasive technique 
Rotary brushing is available if needed 
Replacement venting available if needed

Fine Print: Use of ladders, Roof tops, Removal of nests and animals are additional Attic, bird guards and crawl spaces fees may apply

Note: We are a professional, certified (CSIA) technician center with years of dryer experience so we can fix the dryer and venting system if needed. Our skilled technicians can clean both the inside of the dryer and vent. We offer the very best service available.Apex's Camera systemWe use a “State of the Art” camera system to locate disconnected or broken ducts, concealed in walls and ceilings. Our expert repair team will locate and repair the broken or clogged vent line and get you safely back running again.

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Chimney Cleaning and Inspection $129

Chimney Inspections Only $55.00  (Level 1 certification)

Basic chimney cleaning (level 1) Special Only $129.00

Fine Print: Removal of nests and animals are additional
Rotary brushing form the inside of your home
Level 1 cleaning included

Need service? Call us now at 732 257-4590

Dryer Vent and Chimney Inspection Combo $99


Fine Print: Removal of nests, bird guards and animals are additional
Rotary brushing form the inside of your home (Chimney)
Level 1 inspection
Attic, crawl spaces, Roofs and use of ladders, fees may apply
Cannot be combined with any other offers

Need service? Call us now at 732 257-4590

When we come out to fix your appliance, we’ll check the SECOND appliance for FREE! What appliance do you need serviced or repaired?

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