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Dryer Vent Safety and Cleaning

Dryer Vent Cleaning NJ Apex Appliance Repair15,000 clothes dryer fires each year are caused by insufficient air flow due to improper venting! This according to Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates. A clean dryer vent will not only shorten drying time, it will eliminate an all-too-common fire hazard. Don’t be a statistic! Ask about how we can help you prevent a common over looked hazard.

Apex Appliance maintains a constant campaign for fire safety; we are the first to offer DrySafer, the clothes dryer vent alarm. When your vent becomes clogged with lint, the dryer is unable to breathe correctly which will make the dryer run longer and use more electricity, costing you more money. In addition, the dryer because of lack of airflow, possibly can over heat causing a FIRE. Check out for more information.

What Causes A Dryer Fire?

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Watch the DrySafer Product Video Below


WARNING: Cleaning Only the Dryer Vent is Only HALF the Job!


Dryer Vent Cleaning before


Dryer Vent Cleaning

Our technicians, for an additional fee, will remove the front cover of your dryer and inspect the inside cavity for dangerous lint accumulations. Once apart he will go over the condition of the dryer and inform you of possible hazards. Many vent cleaning companies clean only the dryer vent and forget the most important part, the inside of the dryer.

Dry Safer Dryer Vent Alarm NJ - Apex Appliance RepairWe offer dryer clean outs, dryer vent cleanings and replacements if needed. We come fully equipped to complete any job that comes our way. This is our commitment for safety for all of our customers. We use state of the art cleaning machines to ensure proper results.

Apex Appliance is equipped with DrySafer. DrySafer monitors the airflow of the dryer, if the airflow becomes restricted for any reason either from lint or a birds nest, the DrySafer device will sound a soft audible alarm, indicating a problem in the line. It will not only detect the restriction in the vent line, but also it will monitor the airflow from inside your dryer in the lint filter housing. This is the section of your dryer were the lint filter slides into and is difficult for you to clean out. Protection starts TODAY!

Get the DrySafer Vent Safety Alarm System Today!
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